Free Google Docs to Help You Plan Your Next Music Festival

Budgeting, Scheduling, Planning, and More

Are you planning to throw a music festival? Looking for a set of great tools to help you plan?

Throwing a music festival and being profitable is incredibly difficult to do in the first couple of years, but it isn't impossible. We know first hand as we've thrown festivals of our own. We've lost a ton of money in the early years while trying to perfect the system, and the good news is we've finally figured it out!

One of the keys to throwing a profitable music festival, or at least not loosing money in your first year, is to plan and budget appropriately. Making sure you remember and think about each and every expense prior to incurring it can not only be a challenge, but also the most critical factor between success and failure next to booking the right lineup. Things are always great until you realize you forgot about a $20,000 expense, or that pesky permit that's going to shut down your event.

All of the tools below are 100% Free for your use. All we ask is that you keep our branding and Copyright in tact while editing or making copies of these documents.

Budgeting & Tracking Planning & Scheduling