Get Daily Payouts for Ticket Sales with Stripe and Eliminate Your Ticket Service Fee


Get Paid Daily With Stripe!

Never Let Your Money Get Tied Up With Your Ticketing Partner.

History has shown us, it's best when you have control over your own money. 

Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, and many other ticketing companies recently stopped all payouts event organizers were expecting to collect for ticket sales leading up to their events, causing major cash-flow issues for many of their customers, in a time they need it most, due to COVID-19.

How can you cashflow deposits on production, artists, venue fees, and the rest of your show's expenses when you don't have access to your revenue until completely after your event?  The answer is, you can't! 

The solution is to separate your payment processor from your ticketing service provider!


Service Fee-Free Ticketing + Stripe

Save More Money Too.

PromoTix provides a complete payments integration with Stripe, giving you 100% control over your money, and access to daily payouts, no matter what happens to the economy.  But the icing on the cake is you'll save money too, since PromoTix is the world's first 100% Fee-Free Ticketing Platform, you'll either save more or make more, of the total final price paid for the ticket by your attendees since your ticketing partner isn't taking a cut off the top. 

  • Promote "Fee-Free" Tickets, Marketing To Your Attendees
  • Save More if Your Expensing Your Ticket Fees
  • Make More by Slightly Raising Your Prices
    • (Since Attendees Aren't Charged Fees!)
  • Guarantee Your Daily Payouts.

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